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Thorough Roof Inspection & Window Repairs

Make sure your roof receives the right work with roof inspections and repairs by Hansen Bros Inc. Our experts provide these services for residential and commercial roofs, windows, doors, and siding in the North Bergen, New Jersey, area.

Roof Inspections

Usually the first question we are asked is “How much will this cost?" There are so many features of your roof that make it unique from any other roof. That’s why we recommend having a thorough inspection and estimate performed first. The choices available to you and your roof may vary according to your homeowner's associations, house style, roof pitch, or other factors. Once an inspection and estimate have been made, you can safely balance your budget for your home's needs.

Roof & Window Repairs

Hansen Bros Inc. inspections are the foundation for good repairs. Once we have assessed the damage to your current roof, windows, or siding, our licensed and insured technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get those repairs finished. Ask us also about vinyl and aluminum window repair.
Contact us in North Bergen, New Jersey, to find out more about our roof inspections as well as roof and window repairs.
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